Summer Day At The Lake. Wooden dock overlooking a gorgeous lake in the wilderness. Ludington State Park. Ludington, Michigan.

From Hwy 403 (from Brantford):

Exit Hwy 403 at the “Hwy 24 South” exit (also known as “Rest Acres Road”)
As you exit, keep left and turn left at the traffic lights to take Hwy 24 to the south.
Remain on this road for approximately half an hour.
Hwy 24 will take you directly to Simcoe. As you enter Simcoe, proceed directly through two sets of traffic lights. After the second set of lights, keep far right, and take the “Second Ave” exit to the RIGHT. (Note, there is no direct exit from Hwy 24 to First Ave).
Take the “Upper Wellington” street to the right.
  • If you are delivering goods via truck, our bay doors face Upper Wellington on your left. The bay door with the “Milin” sign above it is our bay door.
  • If you are visiting the office, at the end of Upper Wellington, turn left at the “T” junction along First Ave. Our car park and offices are immediately on your left side.


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