COVID-19 (updated July 2020)

Wiese mit zarten Blumen im FrühlingOVERVIEW

As you no doubt know, the COVID-19 virus is causing unprecedented changes in the way the World is operating. The recent months have seen border closures, states of emergency, self-isolation for some, social-distancing for others, travel bans and many other challenges.


Our first priority is always the safety and well-being of our staff and colleagues, and we have put in place the necessary steps to ensure such.

Next, we want to ensure we continue to operate as normally as possible, delivering our products to you, when you need them, on time.


Our goal is always to offer customers the benefit of our large, modern warehouse facilities where, on average, we strive to maintain at least 2.5 months of product on hand. This greatly reduces the impact of disruptive events, such as COVID-19.

We understand the importance of a secure, steady supply chain to your operations.


The impact of COVID-19 continues to impact business and persons on a global scale.

Our warehouse operator has implemented business continuity and crisis management response plans, and currently all warehouse operations are functioning normally.

However, COVID-19 has already shown just how fast events can change, both nationally and internationally, and such events can be outside our control.

We recognise these are uncertain times. Thank you for your business and your continued trust in our ability to serve you. Our teams will do all possible to support your operations during this unprecedented time.

Thank you for your help & your understanding. Stay safe.

July 2, 2020

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